Process Improvement
areas of expertise

MANAGEMENT SERVICES: Three examples of our Process Improvement projects for major Clients.

This marketing and distribution company was migrating its European subsidiaries from local applications to ones dependent on mixed local and central infrastructure. It was decided to implement a two-tiered helpdesk, offering own-language support within a country and forwarding central issues to a UK-based Helpdesk. The brief was to define the services to be supported at each location, to integrate problem reporting and diagnostic procedures into each local business, and to recruit and train appropriate staff. An analysis was made of three European sites and a full implementation was completed in one of them.

The Client was a major corporate, committed to reducing the burden paper-based administration placed on back-office staff. It had already discarded a large number of paper forms, and wanted to know if e-forms and e-mail could replace the remaining paper without reducing back-office effectiveness. Work with staff at central and distributed locations led to a pilot electronic forms system. With Senior Management's support, the pilot was successfully implemented in a small number of locations. The approach was subsequently replicated throughout the organisation.

After acquiring several new support companies, this ISP wanted to redesign its Change Control procedures without slowing down the introduction of new systems and capacity. Analysis of existing processes, and discussions with development and support team leaders, led to a single change review and short-range planning process across the whole of the Operations Group. This was supported by the implementation of a web-enabled change management database. Change requests could be raised, reviewed and tracked from any point of the UK, without the need to call the Change Manager, and stored for regular reporting and ad-hoc analysis.