Is your organisation currently involved in mergers, acquisitions or restructuring? Taking on new sites or integrating personnel from previously separate teams? In today's fast-moving business environment, these activities often pose a challenge to effective electronic and human communication. Reeve Consultants Limited is a London-based consultancy which specialises in the area of communication, from wide area network tuning to work-group process redesign.

Each of our consultants has 25 years experience of computer, communication and information systems used in the retail & distributive, financial, service, petrochemical and public sectors. They have delivered systems and services to a wide range of organisations including the National Probation Directorate, Marks & Spencer, United Distillers, Bonhams Auctioneers, Reuters, NatWest, Norske Liv, Infolink, PA Management, StorageTek, Cable & Wireless, Heathrow Airport, Texaco, Shell and ARAMCO.

Since the consultancy was established in 1987, its work has divided into two streams. Within Management Services, our portfolio includes the design, audit and enhancement of Change Management systems, Change Management training, Risk Management, Business Process Re-engineering, Process Mapping and Information Systems Audit. Under Technical Services, we offer System Architecture, Security Review & Implementation, Systems Integration, Distributed Database Design and Middleware Development.

Reeve Consultants Limited's preferred approach is to meet with Clients and discuss their business requirements in one or more pre-sales meetings. We then draw up a proposal for a phased approach to investigating and delivering those requirements. This enables us to monitor costs more closely and to modify the requirements specification in a structured way if our Client's business needs alter during the project.